Sector 28

Sector 28 was developped for professional teams competing at the Paris-Roubaix Classic. This is a large section 28mm competition tire that excels on rough roads, cobblestones and gravel conditions. Weighing in at only 295 grams, it's efficient and has a low rolling resistance despite its 28mm profile. It does require sealant (Protect'Air Max) to be air-tight. The tread is a slick on top with slightly grooved sidewalls. The dual compound tread offers efficiency when on top of the tire and excellent grip when cornering. It's round profile makes for a very predictable handling tire.

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Lateral Grip


Puncture Resistance




  • Racing
  • Sports Cycling
  • Long Distance
  • Training



This Sector 28 Road Tubeless Protect'Air Max tire is designed for racing and training on rough and uneven roads. All-weather condition tire. Low inflation pressure (~6bar / 87psi).

Hutchinson Road Tubeless compatable wheelsets
• Campagnolo Eurus 2Way Fit
• Campagnolo Zonda 2Way Fit
• Corima Aero + Carbon
• Corima Aero + Winium
• DT Swiss RR 1450
• DT Swiss R 1700
• Easton EA90 RT
• Easton EA90 SL
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• Easton EC90 Aero 55
• Easton EA90 XD
• Fulcrum Racing 0 2Way Fit
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• Fulcrum Racing 2 2Way Fit
• Hutchinson RT1 Carbon
• Shimano DuraAce WH- 7850SL
• Shimano DuraAce WH-7900-C24-TL
• Shimano Ultegra WH-6700 


• High-quality ride and performance
• 28mm section for the optimum rough condition ride
• Ride Lock beads for safety
• Dual compound tread performs well in all weather conditions
• 127 TPI supple yet resiliant casing
• Only 295 grams (without sealant)
• Puncture breaker under the tread helps prevent punctures without affecting performance
• Pinch flats eliminated
• Lower pressures for comfortable ride
• Self-repairing with Protect’Air Max Sealant (required)
• Patchable with a Hutchinson Rep'Air Patch Kit
• Quality Made in France