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Made in France



Performance and adhesion in all weather.

Specific grooved design for wet terrain.

Superior compound thickness with Kevlar® reinforcement for durability.


Durante 2 años, los equipos de HUTCHINSON han puesto a punto un procedimiento único que permite a la nueva gomma ElevenSTORM® ofrecer excelentes resultados en los 5 criterios principales de rendimiento de un neumático:
adherencia/ Rendimiento/ Vida útil/ Resistencia antipinchazos/ confort


  • Crear la composición adecuada de gomma capaz de afrontar tal desafío ha sido un reto permanente.
  • La gomma ElevenSTORM® ha sido desarrollada con el objetivo de ofrecer un rendimiento único en todos los terrenos.
  • Hemos querido completar esta propuesta ofreciendo múltiples versiones de Fusion 5: 4 versiones de gomma, 3 secciones y4 diseños: Tubetype / Tubeless Ready / Tubeless / Boyau.


The Fusion 5 All Season is the perfect ally for long intensive outings.

We have worked on a specific compound thickness (1.6mm) with a tailored particle size to favour durability and grip on wet roads. 

The Kevlar® reinforcement protects the casing from puncture risks. You will be able to blithely pass the 5000 km mark with performance and comfort.

If you opt for the 700x28 version, you will be blown away by the long-term softness and efficiency.

Stéphane GONNET

R&D Manager

« This project has been identified 3 years ago as a strategic axis of development for Hutchinson. We have developed countless versions and tests to achieve this new compound ElevenSTORM®. We have changed our appoach and processes. There will be a before and an after ElevenSTORM® ».


See all FUSION 5 ALL SEASON references below

Dimensions ETRTO Use Concept Reinforcement Compound TT/TL TPI Beads Colours Weight (+/- 7%) Reference
700x25 25-622 COMPETITION // FONDO Road Tubeless Ready Hardskin ElevenSTORM TT - TL 127 FOLDING Black 260g PV527731
700x23 23-622 COMPETITION // FONDO Tubetype Kevlar Pro Tech ElevenSTORM TT 127 FOLDING Black 200g PV527561
700x25 25-622 COMPETITION // FONDO Tubetype Kevlar Pro Tech ElevenSTORM TT 127 FOLDING Black 210g PV527651
700x28 28-622 COMPETITION // FONDO Tubetype Kevlar Pro Tech ElevenSTORM TT 127 FOLDING Black 230g PV527701
700x28 28-622 COMPETITION // FONDO Tubeless Ready Hardskin ElevenSTORM TT 127 FOLDING Black 285g PV527961